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About the brand

Since 1911, the name Goepfert is known for products of high safety regulation and reliability due to modern production technology. Our product range covers over 30,000 articles (bronze valves and aluminium bronze valves, valves made of nodular cast iron, cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel as seawater valves for shipbuilding and industry), developed in our own development department.

Our valves are suitable as:

– Seawater Valves
– Industrial Valves
– Offshore Valves

Goepfert AG has its own design office, model construction as well as its own foundry. The treatment on CNC machines and the final assembly takes place in our modern production line. We work on copper alloys (Rg 5, Rg 10, Gbz 10, CuAl10 Ni), light alloy, cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel and stainless steel – depending upon the type of fitting, from DN 8 – DN 600.

Apart from complete valve packages Göpfert AG can deliver all valves also with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator.

Our products
Marine Valves

We have a long history in supplying the German navy with VG-valves and are supplying many well known ship yards and suppliers with our VG-valves. Our valves are used on frigates, corvettes und mine hunters. We are also producing the valves for the submarines class 212 of the German Navy.
Also we supply seawater valves and non ferrous valves for marine valve solutions.

Valves (overview)

Göpfert AG is producing a wide range of different valves. Here an overview of our product range:

Tipo Norma
Stop valves, flanged DIN 86251; DIN 86260
SDNR valves, flanged DIN 86252; DIN 86261
Check valves, flanged DIN 86253; DIN 86262
Outboard valves, flanged
Gate valves, flanged DIN 3352; DIN 86720
Bronze gate valve
Gate valves, screwed ends DIN 3352
Plug valves, flanged
Cocks, screwed ends
Sounding cocks acc. to DIN 86120 DIN 86120
Bent locking nose cock DIN 87003
Cocks DIN 87020
Ball valves, flanged
Ball valves, screwed ends
Sandwich – check valve
Dual plate check valve
Butterfly valves
Butterfly valves double flange type
Tilting disc check valve
Dual disc check valve
Storm valve DIN 87101 and type HNA
Deckplates DIN 86111; DIN 86112; DIN 86113; DIN 86114;DIN 86115
Plug screws DIN 86129
Screw-caps DIN 86140
Male unions DIN 86147
Union nuts DIN 86148
Soldering socket
Fluid level indicator, flanged
Fluid level indicator, mail thread
Self closing valves, spring- and weight-loaded
Union connection valves DIN 86501; DIN 86511;DIN 86512; DIN 86551;DIN 86552
Stop valves, screwed ends DIN 3844
SDNR-valves, screwed ends DIN 3845
Handwheels DIN 390; DIN 3319;

DIN 3320

Wrenches for cocks DIN 3521
Flanges DIN 2527;   DIN 2566;

DIN 86033; DIN 2642

Quick closing valve
Sos valves
Seawater valve
Non ferrous valve
Aluminium bronze valves
Offshore valves
ANSI globe valve
ANSI ball valve
Wafer type ball valve
Butterfly valves

Our butterfly valves are designed for assembly between flanges acc. to DIN, ANSI or JIS. They are absolutely tight with flow in both directions and needs only a few space for mounting in a pipe line.

Our butterfly valves are designed for use up to 10 resp. 16 bar, our high performance butterfly valves up to 25 bar and they are available as cast iron valves, nodular cast iron valves, cast steel valves, bronze valves and aluminium bronze valves with discs material stainless steel or bronze for pipes from DN 40 up to DN 600.

Fire valves

A Goepfert AG também produz uma ampla gama de válvulas para equipamentos de combate a incêndios. Aqui uma visão geral das válvulas de combate a incêndio:

Tipo Norma
Int. Fire-shore connection DIN 86201
Shipbuilding – filling connection ISO 5620
Flange for internationally unified connection Marpol DIN 86285
Sewage system on ships Marpol DIN 86282
Landing valve DIN 14461
Vent valve DIN 14462
Building supply valve DIN 14461-4  DIN 14461-5
Couplings Barcelona; Gost; Guillemin; Instantaneous BS 336 coupling; Machino; Nakajima; NOR; Nunan and Stove; Rotta; SFS; SMS; Storz; Suction Hose BS 336; UNI; US Standard NST
Mounting nuts
suction strainer DIN 14362
pick-up hose DIN 14384
Landing valve DIN 14819
Válvulas incêndios com flange DIN 86211; com tampa aparafusada; com diafragma;Typ WFB, com tampa aparafusada; BS 5041; US-Standard; BS 5041
Hose pressure regulate valve
Hydrant reducing valve
Fire hydrant reducing valve
Foam/ water monitor MX2000
Jet branch pipe
multipurpose branch pipe DIN 14365-M; DIN 14365-MM; UNIFIRE-V
multipurpose nozzle System Stein; Fyrex-Düse; UNIFIRE-V
Diving breeching valve with/without stop function; DIN 14345
collecting breeching valve without stop function; DIN 14355

As manufacturer from valves for shipbuilding and industry we also offer ANSI Valves.

Following types of valves with face-to-face accordance to ANSI are available:

  • ANSI Stop valve
  • ANSI globe valve
  • ANSI check valve
  • ANSI ball valve
  • ANSI outboard valve
  • ANSI safety valve
  • ANSI strainer
  • ANSI gate valve
  • ANSI quick closing valve
  • ANSI self closing valve


  • face-to-face acc. to ANSI B16.10
  • straight type or angle type
  • flange dimensions acc. to ANSI 150 lbs
  • nominal diameters from DN 15 up to DN 150
  • working pressure acc. to Class 150
  • working temperature max. 225°C
  • material: Rg 5, Rg 10, Gbz 10 or AlBz
  • with hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuator
  • Further special designs are possible as e.g. with limit switches or
    with indicator

Our ANSI-Valves are suitable for gaseous or liquid mediums in oil-, air-,
gas- and watersystems also used in the chemical industry.

You can order our ANSI-valves also approved by:

  • Lloyds Register
  • DNV GL
  • ABS
  • BV

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